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The Next Mindful Drinking Challenge starts January 2nd 2020! I have combined concepts from Moderation Management, Alcoholics Anonymous, The Naked Mind, The 30 Day Sobriety Solution, Responsible Drinking, and the Centered Thinking Mindfulness System to create a 60 day challenge!

The Mindful Drinking Challenge aims to:

* Help you either cut back or abstain from the amount of alcohol you drink (if you are a member of MM are having a hard doing the "30" you need to be here!)

* Bring awareness to the amount of alcohol you are consuming and what that does to your body

* Help you understand the reasons why you tend to overindulge

* Learn ways to reintroduce alcohol into your life healthily so can have a good relationship with it

* Provide a community of people who support you and will help you achieve your goals!

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I run a weekly Moderation Management meeting using zoom! If you would like to join, just enter your email below and I will send you the information to join us!


recommended books to help you take control of your drinking

The recommended book of Moderation Management

Great book for discovering the reason you drink

30 day step by step guide to take control of your drinking

Mindfulness techniques to help you cut back

(I LOVE this book!)

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